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Like data-driven sailing?


De-mystifying sail trim.

We wanted to sail faster and smarter, so we created Trimsense,

an easy-to-use system that measures sail shape like never before.

like never before


Sensor strips attach to your sail.


The strips calculate their shape, which equates to sail shape.


Data is sent to central device where it's stored and/or transmitted.


Real-time sail shape & post-

sailing analysis.

NMEA interface coming soon.

Max draft 13.8%

Your eyes won't tell you that, but Trimsense will.


In action.

Take a look at the system operating on a 49er. Two sensor strips on the jib and two on the mainsail, for detailed coverage.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 20.38_edited.jpg

Endless possibilities.

Here are some ideas:

Gain a deeper understanding of trim elements

Trimsense makes it clear how small adjustments can change sail shape. This may seem obvious, but have you ever really thought about how moving the jib car changes the shape of the jib?

Detect sail asymmetry/fatigue

Ever noticed that you're faster on one tack? Or that the sail that used to work well with certain settings doesn't anymore? It may well be because of fabric fatigue.

See trim data in real time and compare with others

Why was your competitor faster than you in practice last week? Get instant feedback from the coach with real time sail shape comparison.

Compare saved trims

Remember that one race? You were pointing higher, going faster than the competition. What if you could recreate the same sail trim every time when the conditions match? Trimsense will allow you to create a database of trims that really work for all conditions.

Sounds interesting?

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